Have you tried any of these recipes?

Have you tried any of these recipes? If you have, please leave a comment to let me know how it worked for you and if you suggest any changes!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fig and Brie Burgers a la Rockit Bar and Grill

It has seemed to me for some time now, that restaurant goers are pretty content with a few standard burgers - the traditional with cheese, pickles, mustard, onions etc;  the bacon and barbeque sauce burger;  and the mushroom and swiss or blue cheese burger.  An egg topped burger has become more standard these days too.  But I love it when I find a really inventive burger.  [There used to be a place down at University of Illinois that had 50 different burgers.  I tried to order one with cottage cheese but they didn't have any cottage cheese because nobody ever ordered that one.]

I'm pleased these days by the number of burger places opening up that have really wonderful ingredients and a fresh take on this typical American meal.  Rockit Bar and Grill is one such place (and their fries and bloody mary's aren't too bad either!)

Anything with brie
Makes a really fancy dish
Even a burger
  • Lean ground beef (grass fed) or bison (1/2 lb per person)
  • brie (3 oz per person)
  • fig preserves (1 Tbsp per person)
  • black pepper
  • arugula
  • stone ground brown mustard
  1. I'm sure you already know how to make burgers.  So, do what you normally do!  But mix the fig preserves in with the ground beef and form into patties.  Add a little black pepper and maybe some salt to make a nice crust.
  2. Grilling the burgers are the best, but pan frying them will do as well.  As soon as they're just about done (I recommend medium-rare to medium) top each with a bit of brie and let it just melt.  
  3. Serve with arugula and stone ground brown mustard.
Rockit serves this burger with truffle fries, but I actually recommend it with sweet potato fries.

The Original

Sweet potato fries

While deep fried French fries aren't great for your health or your waistline, baked sweet potato fries can be, and are a tasty and satisfying alternative.  They're easy to make too, and can satisfy everyone from those with a sweet tooth to those looking for a more savory snack.

Sweet Potato Fries
Great for any occasion
Or just on your own

  • 3 large sweet potatoes
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • salt
  • black pepper 
  1.   Really, this couldn't be easier!  Skin the sweet potatoes and rinse.  Halve each potato and with the cut side down, cut into strips.
  2. Toss the strips (like french fries) in a large bowl with the olive oil.  Lightly salt and pepper the fries.
  3. Bake in a 375 oven for 25 minute or until tender, golden, and/or crispy.  Serve immediately alone or with sauces.
I served mine with a horseradish cream sauce (sour cream, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish (either raw or powdered) to taste), truffle mayo (black truffle salt, black pepper, and mayo), and a maple sugar cream sauce.

They're best straight out of the oven, but can be easily reheated in a toaster oven or even eaten cold.  These are excellent served with a kir if it is a light meal or snack. 
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